Chand Jalne Laga

Chand Jalne Laga is a great action-packed romantic drama. It made its colors television debut on October 23, 2023. produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewar and Gayatri Gill Tewary. Both Vishal Aditya Singh, an actor, and Kanika Mann, an actress, are Indian and work primarily on Hindi television. They both give outstanding performances in the play.

The story of Chand Jalne Laga popular serial is Tara and Deva have been pals since they were young kids. Tara is the daughter of affluent man Vanraj Sehgal. Deva is a homeless man who takes care of the horses at Tara’s residence. Deva teaches Tara how to be bold and face her fears. Tara didn’t tell the truth that Deva was with her when the fire started because her father told her to lie to protect Deva from the villagers. Deva was admitted to a juvenile institution. Tara finds out that Deva died due to a building collapse. She believes Deva is no longer among us. After the ceremonies are finished, Tara finds out that Deva was born.   Through her study, she discovers that Jyothi is Deva’s biological mother.

She made sure to escort Jyothi to the temple, where Deva met him. Some people knew who Jyothi was, and they threw rocks at her because she had a misbehaving child. Still, Deva decided not to hurt her. You must visit our website Jiocinema to watch the forthcoming episodes of this series for free to witness all the thrilling portions.

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