Pandya Store Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Twist, Spoilers, News and Wiki

Pandya Store Wiki:

The story of this serial contains a strong message about all the challenges that a middle-class family has to face. This serial is directed by Arshad Khan under Sphere Origin and the producers of this serial are Commal Sunjoy Waddhwa and Sunjoy Waddhwa.

Pandya Store Realse Date:

Pandya Store is an Indian hit Hindi language TV serial that aired on Star Plus on 25 January 2021.

Pandya Store With Their Real Names ( Actors and Actress):

The cast members of this serial are very famous and popular because of their acting and performance in the serials. The role of Dhara was played by Shiny Doshi, the role of Gautam Kinshuk Mahajan, and the role of Ravi Shah was played by Alice Kaushik. You can see many other stars from the Indian drama industry like Akshay Kharodia and Jovian Fernandes.

 Pandya Store Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of the Pandya Store serial revolves around the Pandya family that has only one source of income a grocery store. The death of that family head then the eldest son, Gautam of the family took charge of that store and in this way, he skipped his studies for the sake of responsibilities. In the Pandya family, there are three young brothers of Gautam and his mother. After some time, he got married to Dhara and then their lives changed. She proved very helpful to their family. She becomes the true daughter of that family.

She worked with her husband in the store and also worked all the things in the house. She grew up with his three brothers like an elder sister to them. After some time, they had to face a difficulty that some businessmen wanted to buy that store because they wanted to build a mall on the road. When they wanted to buy that store but they refused to sell this because this was the only source of income for them and they had nothing in their assets. When they refused his offer then he forced them to sell that store for this he sent some bastard to force them and they destroyed the store.

After that Dhara and Gautam took this matter to the court and after some time, they faced various challenges and then in the end they won the case and returned their store. After some time they can pay all the debt of the store and their love starts to settle down. After 10 years, all three brothers of Gautam grew up and they were all responsible for them. Dhara went in search of their life partners. They all love and respect Dhara as their own elder sister and agree on her decision. Karan’s marriage was done with Roshni but Karan was in love with Abhinita. After that their matter changed and now Dhara has to hold all the family together.

 Pandya Store Serial Future Story:

To watch all the episodes stay in touch with us on our website Jiocinema and Enjoy. In the future story of this serial, you can see that Dhara got pregnant with Gautam’s baby and after some time she faced miscarriage and she went into depression.

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